Changed to nesanemot Gleb Zhemchugov decided to photoepilation

Изменившийся до неузанаемости Глеб Жемчугов решился на фотоэпиляцию Last September, ex-member of the main telestroke of the country “the House-2” Gleb Zhemchugov get rid of excess weight in the waist the radical method – the surgeon Hayk Babayan made the man a liposuction. Lost pounds in the operation, the man decided not to stop on reached and continued to improve my body.
Изменившийся до неузанаемости Глеб Жемчугов решился на фотоэпиляцию

A month later after surgery Pearls went to the gym, so you can be further managed to throw another five pounds. Visiting your doctor in a routine visit, he was pleasantly surprised by his appearance.

“The healing process is hard because Gleb was cut extremely large amount of fat, says Hayk Babayan “StarHit”. Seams heavy, the abdomen blue-red… But I’m still very happy with the result. I’m sure in mid-summer Gleb will be able to boast on the beach quite a decent figure.”

The Hleb admits that the lost weight help him to feel refreshed. “I don’t recognize myself in the mirror, says the man. – I like me, like others – it inspires. On the street people come up to me who remembered me from the ethers clumsy fat guy and complimenting me, admire how I look. In social networks occurred with my body changes, too, did not go unnoticed as people support me, saying that I didn’t stop there. This is nice!”

Изменившийся до неузанаемости Глеб Жемчугов решился на фотоэпиляцию

Ex-reality show participant noted that the background diet decided another procedure transformation: man planned to get rid of excess body hair.

“Enough to go bear, says Pearl. – I’m starting a new life after a divorce and I want to enter it transformed”.

Recall that the former inhabitants of telestroke is not the first celebrity who dared transformation after breaking up with the other half. TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova, who terminated his relationship with the football player Dmitry Tarasov in October last year, has also changed beyond recognition, turning from the blonde to the burning brunette. And TV presenter Victoria Bonya, and not waiting for offers of marriage from father to his daughter Angelina Alex Smerfit, went blonde, although fans used to seeing her with brown hair.