Changed the Paulina Andreeva called “terrible”

Изменившуюся Паулину Андрееву назвали «страшной»
The actress impressed fans with his appearance.

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: @Instagram dzhunky Andrew Dzhunkovsky

“Better than people” Paulina Andreeva in the title role is one of the most anticipated series of domestic production. Director Andrew Dzhunkovsky promises to “blow up” the television. In a picture taken on the set of Russian TV series in the fantasy genre.

The photo was captured Andreeva with bold makeup, the application which is daily for several hours. Appearance disfigured Pauline made a strong impression. Fans do not doubt the role of “the terminator in a skirt” will bring Pauline even more popular. In any case, she in this manner looks in the picture is very convincing.

Saw the photo Andreeva makeup fans enthusiastically calling her “creepy” and “scary” is that rare case where this could pass for a compliment. Because this effect was achieved by the creators of the project. “I really like the grim injuries. I love the days when doing it that way, because these days we usually shoot stunt scenes, action!” — said Pauline in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Specially for the filming, she worked with the teacher on the plastic. Andreev has gone through several types of workouts: walking, running, shooting and so on. And she learned to pick up “inhuman” tone of voice. In addition during takes Pauline had a long time to hold your breath and not blinking.

The exact release date of the series has yet to be announced, work is now at the stage of installation. “Better than people” is similar to foreign TV series, “Men”, “Almost human” and many others. The theme of cyborgs in the West has long been mega popular, while in Russia this topic is not so “hyped”.