Изменившуюся Кристину Орбакайте теперь не отличить от Маши Распутиной
The singer had plastic surgery?

Christina Aguilera, Victor Drobysh and Grigory Leps

Photo: @orbakaite_k (Instagram Christina Aguilera)

The last couple of days Victor Drobysh and “brigade” of Russian pop stars was preparing for a speech in Tallinn. Filipp Kirkorov, Valeria, Christina Orbakaite, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Peha, Glory, Zara, Avraam Russo, Alexander Kogan, IVAN (Sasha Ivanov), Nastasya Samburski is only part of artists, who performed at the concert #Will be All.

Behind the scenes colleagues on the “shop floor” to pass the time, took pictures with each other for memory, and later published the footage to the Network. As the world saw the around which discussion. The photo was captured Orbakajte with Drobysh and Leps. Appears bangs has changed the proportions of the face of Christina, making her almost unrecognizable. Orbakaite became like Masha Rasputin. This assured its numerous subscribers. His observations of fans shared in the comments after a performance.

“Not know Orbakaite”, “Masha Rasputina young — person”, “Can such a view, but it is not Christina”, “Another victim of plastic surgery, do not understand one: why?”— write to Christina fans. It is curious that on the eve with the same enthusiasm netizens have discussed photos without makeup Alla Pugacheva.