Changed Grigory Leps shocked appearance

Изменившийся Григорий Лепс шокировал внешним видом
The artist was provoked by rumors of a serious illness.

Grigory Leps

Photo: @gvleps Instagram Grigory Leps

Grigory Leps fans suddenly made a drastic change in your appearance. The artist got rid of the “signature” curls short hair “under a zero”. 55-year-old Gregory many years ago, “were” exactly the same hairstyle, but many have already grown accustomed to the luxurious hair of the artist. Fans were shocked by the change. Many people can not understand the motive of the decision on change of image in this way, therefore, build hypotheses about possible illnesses, which prompted the actor to say goodbye to the hair.

“Grigory Viktorovich, You got a haircut? Where are Your glorious curls?”, “Why did he get a haircut?”, “Shaved, disease?”, “I noticed that they don’t?” “Curls where? Why?” “Who cares what his haircut. He is a great talent!”, “Leps is not the same. Where extensions lost?”, “Well, finally the haircut. So much better!” “Loved your hair, and now…”, “Oh! Well yet the beard is not released”, “I think he looks younger! Great! Change is always for the better,” write the fans of Leps.

Interestingly, last year when Dima Bilan took to shave his head, the fans reacted in a similar way. A colleague then the Leps had to make a statement that he has no diseases that could affect his image. It is possible that Gregory, too, will have to justify before fans for ultra-short haircut that became the most unpleasant surprise.