Чемпион по фитнесу нашел мать спустя 34 года For years, the sportsman was looking for a mother that left him in an orphanage. The woman who left her child in infancy, name is Svetlana Savko. As it turned out, Peter Kushka is not the only heir, which she refused.
Чемпион по фитнесу нашел мать спустя 34 года

34-year-old champion fitness Peter Kushka lived a happy kid, studied, played sports and have been surrounded parental love and care. However, it appeared that actually he was not home for his family. Now Peter lives in Baku, where she moved from Ukraine when it was approved for the role in the film. After a couple of days in the capital of Azerbaijan came his wife Marina with it and open up foster mom Kushka, not knowing how to open a family secret to his son.

“I have parents, a warm relationship, very close. Wanted to be like dad. Wanted to make him proud. He led me by the hand in sports, was happy with me,” recalls the athlete.

After his wife, he decided to conduct his own investigation, but came to a standstill. It was then that he appealed to the “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” to find the biological mother. Peter said that does not condemn the woman who gave birth to him. He did not rule out that she had good reasons to take such a desperate step.

“When the woman brought me to the orphanage, I was told that I was wrapped in a blanket, and some dogs don’t lay. The Pope was cork, with me hardly cared. I think she didn’t love me, and said, “Take this Azerbaijani.” Apparently, the grudge against the father was,” recalled Peter.
Чемпион по фитнесу нашел мать спустя 34 года

Biological mother men Svetlana Savko fell to his knees in front of him as soon as entered the Studio. Peter raised her up, saying that long ago forgave her such a terrible thing and not hold a grudge. However, the woman continued to berate himself in front of the entire Studio.

“Mother forced to leave her son still in the hospital, but I couldn’t, I took it home. Tried though as-that to feed. In fact, his name is Vitaly. 1 Feb was born. Father’s name was Elbrus”, – said Svetlana.
Чемпион по фитнесу нашел мать спустя 34 года

From Savko in addition Peter has three children, son Alexander and daughter Oksana, she gave birth to a legitimate spouse who drove them, yielding to the influence of relatives. Then she had a relationship with another man, but after her pregnancy he refused to take part in a child’s life, but because she had to give it to the orphanage. Some time later she was informed that Peter died from croup. But the sad fate of the third child did not stop Svetlana from the fourth birth, while Junior Andrew also went to the orphanage.

Foster mother Olga admitted that they would not communicate with Svetlana, because she doesn’t respect her for doing such a thing. Now Peter and his wife Marina have two children – one six years and the other just over a year. When the family Kushka entered the Studio, Svetlana began to ask the forgiveness of his wife son.

Чемпион по фитнесу нашел мать спустя 34 года

Peter also met with brother Andrew, who was brought up in an orphanage. He admitted that Kushka was lucky, because he got into a wonderful family, and no one was able to adopt, because mom did not write an appropriate disclaimer.

Older brother Alexander lives in Poland and works on the farm, engaged in agriculture. As it turned out, he too was raised in foster care. “Parents – mum is an accountant, the father of the road was built. To say that the good son was impossible. In 18 years, told the truth,” said the man.

Only daughter Svetlana lives in Baku, but her husband did not allow her to appear on television. In conversation with the editors of the program, she admitted that he was happy to learn about the existence of another brother, and will be glad to see him in town.