Вызов молодым конкуренткам: Алла Пугачева сделала селфи после бани
Photo Diva confused users.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva

New selfie Alla Pugacheva again “blew up” the social network. A diva knows how to attract attention to his person. If the same Volochkova for the sake of discussion you need to stretch out in the splits or being naked in the bath, Alla Borisovna is enough to make a selfie with wet hair and no makeup. Photos from the “steam” appeared in a personal blog Pugacheva a couple of hours ago, but has already received wide publicity.

While many artist, including half my age Diva, does not appear before the public with a ton of professional makeup, Pugachev safely posing in their natural form. As expected, some fans of the appearance of the stars of Russian show business delighted, others confused. Anyway, very few people remained indifferent to selfie Diva.

“God, what a beautiful, smiling…”, “Applause! Always applause! Wonderful, beautiful, wise , fun.. have a Great day!”, “Woman is fire. Amazing, real, gorgeous, alive, natural”, “it is Not necessary such to put pictures”, “Horror, I do not believe that she herself publishes such pictures. Can envious the maid-of-Network merges?” — write to Alla Borisovne.

Recently, the husband of the legendary actress — Maxim Galkin has made a confession about who is in their house “master.” According to the presenter, and the prima Donna always does make him feel a real man.”My wife is smart enough to pretend that I’m in charge”, — said Galkin. It