Chaliapin and Kalashnikov will meet the New year together

Калашникова и Шаляпин встретят Новый год вместе

The artist decided not to hold a grudge against a former lover and invited Anna to spend the holidays by the sea.

In spring Anna and Prokhorov was preparing the wedding of the century. Promised celebration, what ever. But at the last moment Shalyapin said: “the Wedding is not to be”! But the fact that live it turned out that their father with Anna’s son is a different man.

Prokhorov was furious. And ceased all communication with the ex-bride and a boy. But I guess feelings still prevailed. As it became known the other day, this New year the pair will meet together.

“We started to communicate recently. Prokhorov came to our home to see Tributes – admitted Kalashnikov Woman’s Day. – Then he said he wanted to organize a trip to the sea for the holidays. I think to go as a family – Me, Dan, parents and Prokhorov will arrive in the days when not going to work.”

Now Anna is engaged in registration of the passport of the son. But with the venue not yet decided.

“The main criterion for us is the time of flight. For Dani is the first big trip. And therefore considered places can be reached in 4-5 hours. This will most likely be Dubai,” continued the model.

At the same time, plan for the future of the Kalashnikov is in no hurry. And says that all the time. And while that thrilled that the singer had resumed contact with the child. After all this time, Dan was bored and asked: “where is dad? “.