Chaliapin and Kalashnikov went to the registry office. PHOTO

Шаляпин и Калашникова отправились в загс. ФОТО The bride and groom entered a plea to postpone the wedding. Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin had to go down the aisle today, April 15. However, unforeseen circumstances have forced couples to postpone the celebration.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова отправились в загс. ФОТО

      The development of the novel Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Shalyapin with high interest many fans of the star couple. In early March the lovers announced that has applied to the Registrar and on April 15 will become husband and wife. However, later opened a unpleasant circumstance after which Anna and Prokhor could not arrange a holiday on this day. Coincidentally, the Kalashnikova grandma died, and today, exactly 40 days from her death. The lovers could not afford to have fun on a day like this.

      But today Chaliapin and Kalashnikov went to the registry office to assign a new wedding day. As reported by the “Starite” representatives of the star couple, 24 may lovers will go under the crown and seal their feelings.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова отправились в загс. ФОТО

      Recall that the bride and groom have already spent on a wedding is quite a large sum of money. Previously, in all the triumph of love will have to fork over $ 10 million. But Anna Goradia, Director of the wedding Agency Svadberry, worried that the high demands of Anna and Prokhor can significantly increase costs because they no longer fit in the specified amount. About three million are the outfits of the bride and groom. As stated Kalashnikov, she is going to change three dresses for the evening. In one she’ll go to the registry office for marriage registration, the second will wear for the first dance of the newlyweds, and the third will already be present the whole evening at the Banquet. But the groom also will not yield to the bride, and, becoming a favorite, also change three suits. However, the budget for them much less – half a million rubles, and all the rest of the money will be spent on the outfits of the bride.

      A large sum of money will have to pay Kalashnikova and Chaliapin in the decoration of the hall. In what style will be decorated hall lovers have not yet reported. Initially, the bride dreamed that the whole room was full of flowers. Despite big spending, Chaliapin ready to make Anna remember the wedding day forever. Because in her life it will be the first marriage.

      Prokhorov and Anna will register the relationship twice – first in the registry office, then repeat the ceremony in the Banquet hall: in front of the guests utter romantic vows written in advance.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова отправились в загс. ФОТО
      Шаляпин и Калашникова отправились в загс. ФОТО

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