Chaliapin and Kalashnikov has canceled the April wedding

Шаляпин и Калашникова отменили апрельскую свадьбу Lovers have decided to postpone the wedding. Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin moved the celebration to may. Originally the pair had planned to go down the aisle on April 15.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова отменили апрельскую свадьбу

      Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova is one of the brightest pairs of domestic show business. Their relationship with interest many fans. Despite the fact that the couple has been together for a long time, to reach the Registrar lovers still can’t. But not so long ago Prokhorov and Anna decided to legalize their relationship and had even chosen the date of the upcoming celebration on April 15. But on this day, celebrities can’t hear Mendelssohn’s March – the day before the wedding revealed an unpleasant circumstance that will prevent them to go down the aisle on the scheduled date.

      “Unfortunately, March 7, died my beloved grandmother, and by a tragic coincidence, our wedding was to be held exactly 40 days – April 15, so I suggested Prokhor postpone the wedding for may, and he supported me, – admitted “StarHit” Anna.- At the moment the exact date I can not name, since we have not had the opportunity because of busy schedule to go to the registry office, but in the near future we will do so, as preparation is in full swing”.

      Now Anna and Prokhor spent on preparing for the solemn event. Celebrities rehearse the future celebration, as well as discuss and think through every detail. The lovers had already decided that the two-register their relationship – one ceremony will be held at the registry office, and upon arrival at the restaurant, they again when all the guests give each other vows of love.

      The bride and groom expect to see him on the celebration will gather 100-150 people. Among those invited were primarily friends and relatives. Also they will be happy and celebrities, which pretty much among the friends of Anna and Prokhor. The happy couple will certainly come to congratulate Cornelia Mango, Anastasia Stotskaya and many others. Anna and Prochorus haven’t settled on finally, in what style to host their celebration. But I know one thing for sure – the whole room got drenched in colors.

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