Chaliapin and Kalashnikov get married in 10 million

Шаляпин и Калашникова сыграют свадьбу за 10 млн

According to the groom, the wedding ceremony will cost a tidy sum.

Used our artists to the Grand gesture. “To love a Queen, to lose so a million” – a phrase that could easily be attributed to the newly made groom Prokhor Chaliapin. For a wedding with the actress Anna Kalashnikova, which they bring up General son of Daniel, the actor plans to spend several million rubles. Needless to say, if only one engagement ring turned Prokhor in the amount of six zeros.

“The event took on Anna Goroga, told Woman’s Day Prokhor. She actively solicits sponsors for this event, looking for the best options. In total, the wedding results in 10 million roubles. But I’m such sum will not pull, do not earn much, not an oligarch. But the event I want to make a luxury, will still be a lot of press, event loud”.

According to the artist, the wedding is scheduled for may 24. Where will the Banquet be held on the occasion of marriage, it is not yet clear.

“I would like to celebrate the wedding on the boat, but Kalashnikov adamantly against it – continues to Prokhor. — I hope Goradia will be able to persuade her”. If the restaurant is still not clear, with the celebration outfits for young decided. Both for the whole festive day changed three times. Anna chose a dress with a 15-metre long train mural (approximate cost – 1.2 million rubles), an outfit for the first dance of the newlyweds and outfit for the Banquet. Dresses for bridesmaid designers Nadezhda Yusupova and Svetlana Lyalina. Suits for the groom sewed Victoria Certina (cost – 500 thousand roubles).

Wedding rings by that measure, Prokhor and Ani inexpensive – just under 100 thousand each. But with an engagement ring Chaliapin was bother.

“I didn’t do Kalashnikova proposal as expected, so we decided to catch up. Gave her a ring from the designer Evgenia Dyagilevo. She worked on it for decoration more than six months. The result was a stunning ring in white gold with a huge diamond, under which is located the ruby, creating the effect of a burning flame. Initially the ring was worth half a million, but I had a discount in 500 roubles, for which I am very grateful to Eugenia”.

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