Chaliapin and Kalashnikov called off the wedding because of the tragedy

Шаляпин и Калашникова отменили свадьбу из-за трагедии

The pair had to postpone their wedding in April because of the death of grandma Anna…

For the relations of the singer Prokhor Chaliapin, model Anna Kalashnikova we have been following for a long time. They then meet, then diverge, then meet again… And recently, celebrity announced that, after going through all the difficulties, are ready to legalize their Union and even announced a wedding date – April 15. However, in this wedding day will not be. And this is for a good reason: Anna’s grandmother died…

Now Anna and Prochorus decided to move the wedding to may.

“Unfortunately, March 7, died my beloved grandmother, and by a tragic coincidence, our wedding was to be held exactly 40 days – April 15, so I suggested Prokhor postpone the wedding for may, and he supported me,” said Anna Kalashnikova site “StarHit”.

Also Anna said that with Prokhor is not confirmed a new date for the wedding in the registry office, but will do it soon, because the preparation for a celebration goes at full speed.

By the way, the wedding Chaliapin and Prokhorova must pass in a big way. According to preliminary data, the lovers want to invite more than 100 people, many of whom will be stars of the Russian show-business, and to arrange two ceremonies. One will be held in the registry office in the presence of relatives and close friends, and the other, more pretentious, the restaurant is strewn with fresh flowers.

Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova, we recall, started Dating in December of 2014. In March 20015 th the couple has a son Daniel.

For Prokhor marriage with Anna will be the third. According to him, he first married at age 18, but quickly divorced. In December 2013 he became the husband 57-year-old businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina, whom he met during a vacation in Jamaica.

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