Цепи, наручники и решетки: Ольга Бузова рассекретила подробности нового клипа
The singer has unveiled a video for the song “Not afraid”.

#Orebotse in the top of the iTunes and Apple Music have a week in Russia ?? Such a thrill that you like this song ? I have #naraite around the clock ? Remind you of the contest for the best cover #онанебоится_cover ?

A post shared by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) on Mar 14, 2018 at 2:37am PDT

Olga Buzova again excited the fans, published in
personal microblogging snippets of the new video for the song “She’s not afraid”. In the work,
as decided by fans, remains the style of the previous clip the stars “Wi-Fi”. On
this time the star has played the role of prisoners. In a video of her strapped handcuffed to
beds, put in jail, shackled with chains… In General, subscribers microblog
singer expect that the video will be “very hot”.

Chains, handcuffs and grid: Olga Buzova has unveiled details of the new clip

By the way, the song “She’s not afraid” allowed Buzova
set a world record, ahead of popular British diva Adele. The song topped
Russian chart of iTunes in one minute.

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Meanwhile, the busy schedule has hit the health
presenter. Not so long ago, she, apparently, due to fatigue, performing
massive dance number on the stage, landed badly and injured his knee. In
Moscow, the doctors gave the star a diagnosis of “sprain” — like injury
the necessary rest: only in this case, there comes a full recovery.
The doctors said that if Buzova will not comply with their recommendations, the matter may
ended up that the actress will need surgery.