Чадов обратился к виновным в пожаре в Кемерове: «Каждого из вас ждет возмездие!»
The actor spoke emotionally about the tragedy.

Alexei Chadov

Photo: @Instagram alexeychadov Alexei Chadova

Alexei Chadov man discreet and to deduce from it can only be an exceptional case. The actor has published in social networks “the cry of the soul” about the tragedy in Kemerovo. The fire in shopping centre “Winter cherry” on March 25, killing dozens of adults and children. For several days, the country was horrified by the incident. Alex admitted that, in addition to feelings of grief for the dead feels a strong sense of contempt for anyone who somehow was involved in the death of people.

“You know, I do not like to write openly, but rather to be honest with you all.. But now is not the case. Something broke in me… and I’m afraid this is a serious milestone! I love my country, love my family, friends that I sincerely cherish and am proud of unrestrained, because this incredible flight people: strong, intelligent, spiritual, passionate and able to truly love! — wrote Chadov in social networks. — These people there is no country in the world — I checked! And that’s exactly what makes me proud and truly understand the meaning of the word patriot!

I’m Russian and proud of it, but I will never forgive you… You living in the same country on the same land with me. You are not able to love, never to feel elementary to be able to take care of each other and try to love near, as itself. Yes, you are so primitive that even yourself can’t understand! I don’t want to be with you, breathe with you one air. You are the people I despise! All of you adults, incompetent creatures who made such grief…the death of little children, angels, unable to care for herself. You do not have excuses! Yes, I am powerless in scale, but each of you, having met on the way, waiting for revenge!”

Recall that many of the artists provided material support for the families of those killed in Kemerovo. Emin Agalarov, for example, moved from her family of 15 million rubles. Announced that some of the artists will donate royalties from the upcoming performances for charity, including assistance to the affected residents of the city of Kemerovo.