Чадов о разводе с Дитковските: «Мне понадобилось два года, чтобы вновь управлять эмоциями» The former spouses have forgotten past grievances. Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite will appear together in one project. They became the leading show “the Allies” on the channel STS. In the transfer, which took place in Sri Lanka, divorced couples will compete for the prize of 10 million rubles.
Чадов о разводе с Дитковските: «Мне понадобилось два года, чтобы вновь управлять эмоциями»

Recently Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite became leading of the project “Allies”. Shooting a show that will soon show on the channel STS, held in Sri Lanka. Participants were eight divorced couples. They had to go through 25 tests, forget about past wrongs and overcome the differences. The main prize – 10 million rubles, which can get all the child winners.

Chadov and Ditkovskite know firsthand how difficult it is to forgive an ex-spouse. The actor still remembers how it took him time to start to communicate normally with the ex-wife. However, both found the strength to make up for his son Feodor. By the way, the boy flew with mom to the island. In the care of a nanny while Agnes was in the frame.

“In fact, I understand a lot of the participants: we agniey have gone through all of this. We had a joint a long way in 10 years, and during that time we had split up and converged, but at some point I realized that destroying each other. After the divorce it took me two years to think over everything and learn to manage their emotions. But now we are in ally status because can openly communicate, make friends, and most importantly – to move on and continue our common cause – the education of his son,” said Chadov.
Чадов о разводе с Дитковските: «Мне понадобилось два года, чтобы вновь управлять эмоциями»

As told to Agnes, so much effort has she invested in any project. “It turned out to be on the sun much more difficult than in the cold. And the genre of “reality TV” suggests that you are constantly in the frame along with the participants,” shared the star.

In the past 12 weeks, the pair lived in a luxury Villa with three large bedrooms, lounge area and kitchen – under the gun fourteen cameras. With the heroes worked with a team of 120 members of the crew, including local experts. Agnes herself says that the project is a cautionary tale. “First and foremost, because it reminds us about the main task of parents is to learn to negotiate, to relax and to work. For example, Alexei and even before that reality became allies. And all this for the sake of our son, Theodore,” added the actress.

Earlier Chadov admitted that he now has a new girlfriend. The beloved star was not against his work with the former spouse on the Islands.Girl Alexei Chadova to let him go to rest with Agnia Ditkovskite