Сезария Эвора: 10 фактов, которые стоит узнать
The great Barefoot Diva today would have turned 75 years.

Сезария Эвора: 10 фактов, которые стоит узнать

Cesaria Evora


Her voice can be described with many adjectives: warm, passionate, breathtaking… Her vocals can be decomposed into musicological terms: stage presence, vocal flexibility, natural setting… Even her later success can be analysed from the point of view of literacy marketing. But all this does not in the least bring us closer to unraveling the great mysteries named Cesaria Evora.

As this overweight woman we never knew young and beautiful and in her youth, she was exactly like that! — could assemble huge halls? Not even matter where it came from, more importantly, where did her absolutely hypnotic gift to immerse the audience into the world the same sweet sorrow that allows you to come to terms with the hardships of everyday life?

So who is she, Cesaria Evora?

“An ordinary woman. Not too happy. Not rich, not beautiful — just a woman, which millions — here’s how she described herself, flicking cigarette ash and subtle with a shrug. I only differ that thank life for everything. Even if it’s all pain and loneliness.”

And she said: “I was easy to understand for someone who knows how to listen.”

Today, August 27, Cesaria would have turned 75 years. 7days.ru gathered some true stories from the life of someone music critics and the audience put on a par with Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald.

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  • Сезария Эвора: 10 фактов, которые стоит узнать
    Cesaria Evora


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