Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей
August 12, 2019 the 15th anniversary of the Center and in the same year – 25 years of practice manual of non-surgical method of correction.

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

The author of the method Manual Plastic® VOLYNKIN Yuri Andreevich. Education – higher medical (MSMU n.a.Sechenov). Worked in clinic of plastic surgery of NGOs “Rimeks”, Academy of Sciences of the USSR with the famous Russian surgeons in the medical center “Apikor” on Rublevsky highway from 1994 to 2003, which were successfully practice the method.

In 1996 obtained the first Patent on a method approved by the leading expert of the Ministry of health.

In 2003 he published the first edition of the book about the method “Manual Plastic – new science, new philosophy, new art”, which quickly spread among the clients and readers. In 2010 he published a second, expanded edition of the book.

In 2004, Yuri Andreevich had established a Center of Manual Plastic®, whose Director General he is present.

In 2004 was a sign of the service Manual Plastic®, which has for many years been known and recognizable brand.

In 2007, the author opened a School Manual of Plastics® training artists who work in the Center.

In 2008, the author obtained a second patent with justification simvolicheskoi (therapeutic) method and officially assigned the name “plastic Manual”.

In 2008, the author was awarded the first international prize in the field of cosmetology “grace” in the nomination “the Unique method. Brand of the year”.

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

In 2010 Volynkin Yuri Andreevich became a laureate of the International medical prize “Profession-life” in the nomination “For personal contribution to development of aesthetic medicine”. The nominee was wearing high red academic gown. Diploma-certificate of public recognition signed by well-known academicians and professors (Bokeria L. A., Onishchenko G. G., Pokrovsky V. I., Neumyvakin I. P., Levin Yu. M., etc.).

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

In 2011, the activities of the Centre Manual, Plastic, commended the national Committee of the European Business Assembly (Oxford, UK) and awarded him the International award of European Quality (European Quality) – the desire to achieve high quality services in accordance with European standards. The ceremony took place in Oxford, in the ceremonial hall of the University, UK. The decision was made based on the recommendation of partners of the European Business Association. The honorary sign – the Golden lion on the background of the flag of the European Union – received only 6 clinics and medical centers in Russia, including Center Manual Plastic®, but in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology this award in our country, given for the first time.

In 2016, the Center of the Plastic Hand was awarded the all-Russian Committee on public awards and titles in the category “Treasure of Russia”. The ceremony was held in “President-hotel” at the Bolshoi Petrovsky hall.

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

To date, more than 1000 clients of Yuri A. Volynkina received their results recorded in the files of the photos of the “before” and “after” that in the world practice of aesthetic medicine is considered unprecedented, a record number in the transactions of the same kind.

Among the star clients of Yuri A. – Katherine Spitz, Zhenya Malakhova, Irina Ortman, Julia Beretta, Olesya Ermakova, Anastasia Burdyuh, Ales Kacher, Alena Vodonaeva, Kate Gordon, Olga Chursina, Field Polyakova, Victoria Gerasimov and other famous faces.

Yuri Andreevich Volynkin continues to work productively and master today to teach students and to successfully manage the Centre Manual Plastic®.

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

Центр Ручная Пластика Юрия Андреевича Волынкина отмечает юбилей

How to create a method? (from interviews and books Volynkina Y. A.)

Often this question is asked very first.

Love to massage there before. In my youth, I made a General (classical) massage to family and friends. While studying at the medical Institute massage perk was a good addition to the scholarship. After graduation had a choice – to follow the path of purely medical career or to devote himself completely to massage. At that time perestroika began in the country and deteriorated, as is known, the problem of how to feed the family. So the choice made itself massage could make good money. Just updated and the problem of excess weight in our country, women have become more actively engaged in their appearance, began with the country new business life. At first I practised the ordinary and cellulite massage only full of women, which is being developed an individual program of weight reduction diets and physical exercise, which includes some psychological counseling in lifestyle. That is, at first, everything was as it now everywhere is. In a plastic surgery clinic, where I worked for some time, clients have always had in abundance, as were their postoperative rehabilitation after liposuction and abdominoplasty and does not disappear in women the problem of excess weight, but only from year to year grew.

The first year I had no idea what to develop in this direction may be something to the full – but for anyone else, because they suffer so much? And moreover, that obesity is a disease need help and treatment. But weight loss weight loss was strife: women explained to me that there are places that lose weight (diets, sports, whatever), and there are those who never lose weight. They began to ask me to work these zones harder and longer, and I am grateful that they pushed me to search. In this vein, the opening does not belong to me, my only merit is that I listened to the clients. They saw the result and told me that it is unique, this may be just the surgeons. (So it happens in life: it would not be “obsessed esthetic” as they call them detractors, it would not be open).

The idea of “clean” the correction came through mainstreaming “esthetic minority”, which in the 80s and to the mid-90s on this scale as it is today was not. At the beginning of his practice with full I, like everyone else, believed that the fat of the same nature (the fat it is fat – what to reason about it?) At some point something happened that can be called a revelation when it became clear that fat tissue in a woman’s body is different, and its structure, and its behavior after exposure to. Time, power (for which I am very grateful to the patience and courage of the first clients) and the selectivity of the effects were significant factors in empirical experience. Only after the process has involved observation, diagnostics of the structure and behavior fat formations after exposure to, and influence in the beginning was, as expected, forgiving, and then more and more strong and lasting, there was this fundamental differentiation of adipose tissue, and with it grew the principal provisions of the method.

When full, the idea of correcting the actual figures, of course, distorted in its own way damaging to the prestige of the method, deprived of its uniqueness. Since I still had to put them on a diet, and they themselves knew it. Correction of proportions and lines combined with the trivial weight loss. And the result, or rather, the control over the resulting “smeared” – it was not always clear that what was happening: how many volumes left from the treatments, and how much – from the loss of body weight (the personal efforts of the client’s diet and/or exercise).

It was a human pleasure and a joy to see their success, despite the fact that at that time I was fading, dying, “the artist” – all thin-plastic could not be considered. Indeed, in the “piece of fat”, there can be no aesthetics, even if some still stubbornly insists otherwise. Work has become a handicraft, in clumsy-rough “consumer goods” or as said before, the art for art’s sake has turned into art for the people, which is known to be thick, wide, and burly tired of life and not want to know about any artistic subtleties, especially such sorry, ladies ass. All the forces rushed to fight obesity, and the woman still did not look in the mirror, and the arrow weights. But only in this “artistic” aspect of the method may be rooted all the enthusiasm to help develop and intuition in working with figures, and to overcome the physical weight of the profession. More and more came thin clients, as it turned out they were suffering least from their obvious shortcomings proportions and lines of the figure, to which doctors work is still there. Here, of course, we are talking about professional ambition, and psychological satisfaction, where a considerable place is the fact that this method is only for lean and resolves those problems that only poison the lives of “esthetic minority” and for which, besides surgery nothing. For full – a great many methods of losing weight, and in defense of thinness there is not even anything psychological, there’s only something like “cell theory”. In defense of the fullness of the woman’s powerful psychological base, supported by still and centuries-old culture, any therapist will be in the Arsenal of many delicate ways to calm down fatty, and only one for lean is to “kick the crap from the sun”.

Method was born in the fall of 1994, but it took another two years to carry out scientific and practical analysis of the adjustment process and finally form a theory and scheme of technology practical intervention that is to apply in writing to the patent office for approval of the invention. It found support and endorsement in medical colleagues who recognized that this is all very new, and, penetrating deeper into the ideology-the philosophy of the method, suggesting a different way of “recognition and treatment of disease”, confirmed that even a new field of medicine that would also be patented. So, in the beginning was the experience – the theory there and then, it is described in my book. I quickly discovered that the female body has two types of adipose tissue.

The first — call it the “caloric” that woman “ate too much”, “I nelegala”, etc., the second – I began to call it “constitutional” – deposited in the secondary phase of adolescence (it lasts longer than usual I think, and 25 is the deadline for establishing the work of the hormonal system). The latter forms the individual lines, shapes and proportions of each of the female figure and no relation to diet and way of life has not. Nobody speaks about it and writes, believe that the types of female figures – “Apple” and “pear” – one myrrh smear and women are to blame. But it is a deep and General confusion – deposits on hips and buttocks – is not a form of obesity, how much would a lot of volume in those places was not a violation of the metabolism (which somehow all is comforting), and no it is not a disease called “cellulite”, which have mesh children (adipose tissue, in any case, uneven). It’s a secondary female sex characteristic as formed muscles on the male body. Still wonder, how does someone turn the language to call disease or aging that is deposited in a period of growth and flourishing of the organism?

My view on the Constitution and the extra weight does not contradict the laws of natural science, people just forgot about simple things that are well understood 50 years ago. I’m not an outsider, I remind mankind about what anthropology had always known. The curvature occurred in favor of Commerce, when a completely different problem was in one common pot called “Slimming-Cellulite”. These fabrics vary and palpation (touch), which is not differentialsa surgeons – constitutional fabric is always tight, ripped and has a complex, even branching pattern of its geometry, in contrast to the “simple” fat. My hands gradually began to feel this fabric, especially as it changes, metaboliziruetsa in the process. It requires a much greater intensity and duration for your modifications, than it is accepted in world practice. If I was looking at the clock, as in the salons or were afraid of the authorities that will give the client more time than it should, none of this would have happened. Worked to obsession, often free – therefore, there was an Epiphany, a kind of revolution in practice, the possibility of achieving the desired result, come what may. It got to the point that I took these “fat thickets” as a personal enemy, like the battle with the dragon – or he or I? Especially in cases when these “breeches” or “inguinal growths” were so enormous that prevented the woman to go, creating swelling in the legs, some in summer thigh rubbed up blood. Or those women that I felt will still starve himself to death because of those hips, or that because objectively unpleasant defect years did not go to the beach, afraid of the intimate life, etc.

Surprisingly, the other did not come to the same in the 90-ies, because the information about Manual Plastic was available and open to everyone (only recently tried to copy my method, and that very few of them). But to actively steal a name now, pieces of text, and wrap it up like this – a familiar medical fact and thousands of years, when recently and didn’t want to hear about “constitutional” the fat, fibrous tissue , of dense intercellular substance, announcing all of this unscientific fiction… there is a cage and only the cage… it’s different now everybody’s used to lure a thin consumer for procedures based on conventional obesity, where it faces only with “theory” and what is even worse – with no result. The radical result, which is waiting for “esthetic minority”, as I called this narrow category in the book. Read the book – ruchnaya-plastika.ru/ruchnaya_plastika.pdf

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