Селин Дион в восторге от Sia

Even Celine Dion can be a fan of someone. In an interview with Billboard, the canadian singer was scattered in compliments to your colleague Australian Sia.

Селин Дион в восторге от Sia
“It’s incredible, I’ve never seen before. She is an artist with a clear view. She has all perfect songs, videos, performances. This industry can break you, it’s not easy, but Sia copes with all this, highlighting for myself Soi personal way,” said Celine.
Dion discovered Sia in 2013, when she sent her demo for the song “Loved Me Back to Life”.
“I loved not only the words of the song, I fell in love with an incredible voice Sia. He’s so strong – I’ve never heard of. I listened to the demo twenty times that day because her words seemed to say in me, and I could not hear her voice” said Celine. On the same day her eldest son rené-Charles has heard that listening to his mother and called her “cool”.

“My son Rene-Charles is a very modern man, he constantly tells me what music to listen to, and he couldn’t believe that Sia wrote a song for me. He is also a big fan of” said Dion.

First vocal celebrity was found on the Ellen DeGeneres.
“She’s sincere, warm, funny. I was the only one who asked for a joint photo..
Now I’m waiting to see what she would do next. She is a true artist whom I truly admire. I am one of her biggest fans, and for me was such an honor to meet her,” said Celine.

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