Селин Дион рассказала о связи с покойным мужем
Renee Angelil still helps the singer.

Селин Дион рассказала о связи с покойным мужем

Celine Dion


Celine Dion talked about the unusual ritual, which she would observe before each
representation. Before I go on stage, the singer she
every time shaking hands… his late wife Renee Angelil! It is,
of course, not about the hand, and its bronze cast Dion definitely
holds on the table in the dressing room. According to the singer after this
“kisses” her luck just guaranteed.

Although Celine
buried his wife, who died in the result of lasting many years of the disease, in January 2016, she still feels his presence and thinks he’s helping her. Celine
admitted that she often consults with Angelina, and, as she seems to hear him
answers. Moreover, Dion kept the chair on which Rene always sat at
the scenes, watching from behind the curtain for
what is happening on stage. And before every show Celine puts saved her a chair on
the same place. Then she find comfort in the fact confidence that everything will go

Recall, Renee and
Celine became husband and wife in 1994 and lived in matrimony for 22 years. For
this time they became the parents of three sons: rené-Charles, who is now 17
years and twins eddy and Nelson, who last fall turned 7 years old. Although
the diagnosis of “cancer of larynx” angelil was back in 1999, it, through a series
operations, resisted the disease for 17

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