Celine Dion talked about the last days spent with her husband

Селин Дион рассказала о последних днях, проведенных с мужем

The beginning of this year for singer Celine Dion turned out to be incredibly difficult. With a difference of a few weeks, the singer lost her brother and husband. Both men in the light sent “the plague of XXI century” — cancer.

For the first time Dion has decided on a Frank interview in which has told about their experiences and emotions about the death of her husband.

Star of stage, which is glorified, by and large, it is thanks to Rene Angelil, admitted that in recent months her family lived with the hope that somehow it will work itself out. But, as we see, the miracle did not happen and at the age of 73 years the man died.

“There was a time when I was very very scared and wrote me then, “the End is near, I can feel it”. I was indignant, saying, “How can you say that? You feel some pain?”. Now I understand that it is quite possible that people feel something when everything is coming to the finals,” recalls Dion.

Looking back on my life with rené, céline says, “you Know, I’m 48 years old and I understand that I lost the love of his life. I miss him madly. I madly miss the days when he was in good health, but not when he suffered. I can’t be selfish. You need to be able to let people go. I feel calm.”

In the last minutes of the life of Angelil Celine was next: “I covered him because he was very cold. I took his robe and covered them with it, then one Bathrobe she wore. I was whispering something in his ear and very much kissed him.”

When Renee died, the hardest, recognized as Celine, had to tell their children – 15-year-old Rene-Charles and 5-year-old twins eddy and Nelson. To explain to children the death of his father Dion has decided to use the movie “Up”: “the Only thing I want from them, so they do not lose heart”.


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