Celine Dion showed the grown twins

Селин Дион показала подросших близнецов
The singer made a rare appearance in public with his younger sons.

Celine Dion sons


Celine Dion is not often seen in public with
their twins, and even rarer — shares
their pictures with the fans. But it managed to shoot with his sons for
the streets of Paris.

The singer, which is for photographers to see
close to one of her favorite boutiques, did not hide from the paparazzi.
Moreover, she gladly posed for reporters with Eddie and Nelson. For
time that fans have not seen the twins, the boys grew significantly. Last time
saw them about a year ago when Dion took out sons to Disneyland. And
now six-year-old boys look like adults…

Celine, in that moment, when she was caught
the photographers were in full makeup. It
dressed for a walk in Paris, decorated with catchy embroidery silk
pantsuit. However, Celine is a well – known fashionista, but lately she dresses
so extravagant, that some toilets toilet lead many just in shock. When
this, the sons of the singer was dressed quite modestly in jeans, t-shirts and
sneakers. It is interesting that, according to many fans one of the boys is more like Celine and
other – on father…

Recently Selin, who in January of last year, buried his beloved wife Renee Angelil, admitted that she
it was very difficult to find the words to explain to children what happened to their
dad. “I took advantage of the fact that shortly before this, they looked
the movie “Up”. And then I said to them: “Remember this cartoon? There is the main
the hero said about his wife Ellie that she
“gone upstairs”. That’s what happened with your father… I do love the word
“up” — it is encouraging and gives strength to live…”