Celine Dion has reignited rumors of the affair with a backing dancer

Селин Дион подогрела слухи о романе с бэк-танцором
49-year-old singer is experiencing a second youth

Celine Dion and Pepe Munoz


Recently 49-year-old Celine Dion gave a reason to discuss it
relationship with the charismatic 33-year-old
dancer. Although the singer has not yet confirmed officially having an affair with Munoz, it
admitted to a friend that thanks to Munoz that she “feels sexy again
and energetic.”

About the affair of Celine and Pepe first talked last month.
The paparazzi follow everywhere Dion, could not fail to notice that Celine
almost all the time was Pepe in society and in the workplace, and in
free time. It caused so persistent gossip that Munoz,
an interview with a popular glossy publication, considered it his duty to declare that he is
just a friend Celine. “Literally 5 minutes after I met
with Dion, I felt not only a part of her team and her family!” —
he said.

But subsequent developments made still more
doubt pure friendship Pepe and Celine. The fact that the singer, who
makes currently on a world tour, taking advantage of a pause in the schedule
speeches, flew to Paris, taking with them only their younger children
twins Eddie and Nelson and Munoz!

Celine and Pepe stopped at the same hotel — Hotel Ritz and all his
stay in the French capital almost never parted. They were together
fashion show Giambattista Valli, and in the evenings
enjoyed a romantic “get-togethers” in a restaurant by candlelight. Now
when all the company left Paris,
flew to Britain, where the singer will continue his tour.

Recall that with Munoz that before you met her
acted in the troupe of Cirque du Soleil, Celine met through mutual friends. The Spaniard
made deion such a strong impression that she, without hesitation, took
it in his company. However, their relationship quickly took informal.