Селин Дион отказалась петь для Трампа

On January 20, 2017 is planned the inauguration of Donald trump. For this reason, traditionally, will be organized a party in which it is expected the participation of several famous musicians. But who will speak in public so far unknown, since many artists have already refused to take part in it.

The other day we talked about the fact that the Italian artist Andrea Bocelli said “no” to the offer to sing at the inauguration. This decision the singer made because of pressure from the fans who promised to boycott all of his future concerts if he is going to sing for trump.

The same example was followed by Celine Dion.

However, his refusal to sing at the inauguration of the famous canadian found more loyal justification: journalists reported that on January 20 scheduled concert Celine Las Vegas, as the singer is very faithful to its fans, many of which are specifically going to Vegas on the dates of the speeches of Dion, she doesn’t want to let them down.