Celine Dion has admitted that communicates with the Ghost of her late husband

Cелин Дион призналась, что общается с призраком покойного мужа
Renee Angelil was the only man she has loved in his life.

Cелин Дион призналась, что общается с призраком покойного мужа

Celine Dion

Photo: TASS

Celine Dion, who lost their beloved
spouse Rene Angelil, who died in January this year as a result
a long and painful illness, still can not recover from moved her
tragedy. And she can’t shake the feeling that her husband is still somewhere

As stated by the singer during the last
concert in Las Vegas, she feels his presence. “I Wake up
with him, I spend the whole day and even go out with him on stage. I absolutely
I’m sure that he is with us…” said Dion. And, as
says the singer, the spirit of her husband in his house in Vegas feels not
only she, but the sons of Celine from Renee 14 — year-old Rene-Charles and 5-year-old
the twins, Nelson and Eddie.

When after the show, reporters asked Celine, going
if she ever again to remarry, she explained: “I still love
my Rene and still feel married to him!”. Celine admitted that
Renee was not only her best friend and
assistant, but the only man she loved and kissed in my

When Dion and Angelil loved each other, he
are over 45 years old, and she is just
19. He was her Manager, but imperceptibly their business relationship preasly in
Roman. Celine and Rene got engaged in 1991, and three years later were married. With
since they were having a very inseparable and reportedly without the help and
support Dion, Angelil would never have lasted so long in its fight against
cancer, which doctors first diagnosed him in 1999…

Celine Dion husband

Photo: TASS