Знаменитости травмируются на сцене, пытаясь удивить своих фанатов!

Sometimes it may seem that the stage is safe for artists, but it’s absolutely not true. A lot of famous actors get hurt on stage, trying to impress their fans with something unusual!

Знаменитости травмируются на сцене, пытаясь удивить своих фанатов!

They went skydiving and ran a sprint – they just appeared on stage! And even there “primulales” to get injured, and some who could pay and life! Svetlana Loboda could lose his leg! Pop diva Beyonce rescuers removed with great designs! How bloody Enrique Iglesias was forced to continue!

What incidents occurred over a 15-year career singing with Nastya Kamenskikh. Once at the concert in Ivano-Frankivsk because of the uneven surface which had plenty of cracks, the star could not resist on legs and severely injured his hand. And at a concert in Astana the actress seriously sprained my ankle. Potap not immediately realized that partner was down, and when he realized what had happened, until the end of the song, kept a firm grip partner’s hand. It is very good that Nastya always have a strong shoulder!

People’s artist Sofia Rotaru may also count on the support on stage. At the concert in Kyiv Palace of sports Sofia Mikhailovna in a light long dress and a leather jacket was singing and during playback singer went to the piano, which that night was a composer and author of many of her hits Ruslan Kvinta. At some point Sofia Mikhailovna became entangled in her dress and fell right into the hands of the musician, but Ruslan did not panic. He picked up the singer, who elegantly sat down beside her and helped her up, and Rotaru apologized to the audience for the incident. In the end all ended well and nobody got hurt!

But Svetlana Loboda there was no one to insure! “When the foot is stuck in the movable floor at the rehearsal before the concert, it was very painful and very scary, good thing I was in a very large sneakers and not heels,” as described later, the artist herself.

Or Svetlana is a little sloppy or it’s her room too extreme, but almost after each performance the artist shares with his followers on instagram with pictures of his wounded body. The singer explains that all these abrasions, bruises and wounds — all this is the result of her devotion to his work and fans.

Britney Spears due to injury we even had to cancel their concerts. During one of the performances of a singer very badly sprained foot and just in the middle of the song hit the scene, the singer to sing not stopped! Or is it the voice be trained or sang the soundtrack, it is not clear! The dancers, who at this time was there surrounded the artist and helped complete the room.

Знаменитости травмируются на сцене, пытаясь удивить своих фанатов!

Why not just have suffered singer Beyonce during his career! On the stage of the festival, when she performed together with her sister, during their hug, the sisters did not keep balance and fell down, feet up! The pop diva had to remove and rescue workers. During the next beyoncé stuck on suspended structures, to avoid injury, she set up the stairs to descend she had to a decent height in boots on high heels. But it was very risky! The star does not hide that very much was frightened, but the shoes to remove completely refused! And in Montreal, Beyonce almost left without hair. Braids singer sucked into the fan. Soon came the guards, and the star like a Pro gathered all her strength into a fist and continued to sing! Then the artist put the video in your instagram, and she laughed with this situation.

After his concert had to rush to the hospital and the singer Enrique Iglesias! Himself to blame, since during the performance, the artist decided to grab the drone, which it shot. But for some unknown reason the school did this, the screws of the device literally “bi pokramsat” fingers of the artist and Henrique with bloody fingers ran backstage to the dressing! And just a few minutes, he ran out to his fan as if nothing happened. Only on white t-shirt, the singer with his blood drew a heart.

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