Поймали: беременную Собчак на отдыхе сняли папарацци

Foreign photographers had followed the party of Russian millionaires and photographed pregnant Sobchak.

Like Kseniya may have taken the posture that hides the outlines of the figure, now she can’t deny it: the Italian paparazzi were able to make some shots, which are clearly visible rounded tummy stars.

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For several days Ksenia Sobchak in the company of best friends – Nicky Belotserkovsky, wife of millionaire Boris Belotserkovsky, Polina Kitsenko, Oksana Lavrenteva, Adoniou Mary, wife of millionaire Adonieva Sergey and Matilda Corded – resting in the Italian Portofino. The cream of Russian society gathered here to celebrate the birthday of Nicky, after which she threw a gorgeous Bridal shower.

Local photographers of course, could not miss the party of the Russian elite and began to follow the guests. To catch the company managed the coast, there’s some paparazzi and made several successful shots, which clearly shows that Ksenia Sobchak is pregnant!

Throughout the trip, the TV host wears loose air outfits and don’t forget to share fresh pictures with guests. That’s just the angles she chooses a specific something pressed belly to her friends, cuddly at times, will cross their arms on your stomach, sit down so it was not visible.

For regular forays to light Sobchak chose a dress-a combination and a Cape-robe in the Japanese style. But the disguise did not help, the photographers managed to remove Ksenia from the side – and voila, that he is the most rounded belly!

By the way, fans of star noticed that it is not only this fact but also breast size, now Sobchak can afford open neckline, she has something to show.

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