Caught in the intensive care unit husband of Elena Vaenga escaped from the hospital

Попавший в реанимацию муж Елены Ваенги сбежал из больницы
Spouse of the singer has dared at a risky step.

Elena Vaenga husband

Photo: @vaengaofficial Instagram of Elena Vaenga

Husband of Elena Vaenga — Roman Sadyrbaev not keep his body in shape. So we decided fans of the artist are surprised to learn that the husband of the singer recently escaped from the hospital, which came with a severe form of influenza. The novel was urgently admitted to the hospital, where he was sent to the intensive care unit. That the husband already left the medical facility Elena told in his microblog.

“The husband escaped from the hospital. Everything is going great!” — shared Vaenga. Incidentally, the singer, despite the serious condition of her husband, still continued his concert activity. And the next day after the husband escaped from the hospital Elena was forced to leave for a performance in Kazan.

Incidentally, the actress herself suffered illness on his feet, though on the scale of the performances was forced to withdraw on time. The reason for this became nodes in the throat of the singer, resulting from inflammation of the ligaments. The doctors gave Elena a recommendation that it should take a little break, to prevent complications before the surgery. But the actress can’t seem to give yourself even a small vacation in a “hot” pre-new year time.