“Catwoman” is preparing for the wedding after the attack on boyfriend

«Женщина-кошка» готовится к свадьбе после нападения на бойфренда The pair has surprised the public with an unexpected statement. Jocelyn Wildenstein and Lloyd Klein announced to Western journalists that are preparing for the wedding. Lovers who have been together for about 15 years, had a big fight in the beginning of the year. Then it came to police intervention.
«Женщина-кошка» готовится к свадьбе после нападения на бойфренда

Eccentric fan of plastic surgery Jocelyn Wildenstein has surprised the public with unexpected news. 76-year-old (according to others, she is 71 years old), the socialite received an offer of marriage from her boyfriend 50 – year-old fashion designer Lloyd Klein. It seems that lovers have decided to start all over again, forgetting about the holiday the affair with transgender and also about a recent conflict during which a woman stabbed with scissors in the second half.

Western journalists report that Klein gave lady luxurious ring with a diamond of 32 carats, decorated with gold and platinum. To engagement will forever be remembered Jocelyn, Lloyd rented a mansion that belonged to Gianni Versace.

“It was romantic, dramatic and beautiful. I showed Jocelyn ring, and she said “Yes!” It was in Paradise” – quoted journalists man.
«Женщина-кошка» готовится к свадьбе после нападения на бойфренда

The choice of a socialite is not saying how much it cost chic decorating. But it’s so expensive that Jocelyn will only wear it for special occasions. And if Wildenstein does decide to boast of the ring, it will be accompanied by two guards. However, the woman says that the cost of the gift does not matter to her any difference.

«Женщина-кошка» готовится к свадьбе после нападения на бойфренда“I have a lot of rings and jewelry. I like it because it gave from the heart,” said the woman.

The pair compares their relationship with the affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. At the time, the chosen star cinema gave her the diamond jewelry, 68 CT. Klein said that Wildenstein worthy of the luxury of the present. “Richard bought Elizabeth this ring, so why not give me something like Jocelyn?” – jokes the designer.

During the conversation with the correspondent the designer also explained what qualities socialite he admired. In recognition of Lloyd, he fell in love with Jocelyn at first sight. He was struck by the stunning looks of a woman.

“She’s quirky, magical and had something unique that no one else has. Her eyes are fascinating, and she has one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve ever seen. You have to understand that being a fashion designer, I’ve seen a lot of amazing women,” explained Klein.

Commenting on the sensational incident when Jocelyn was offended by the choice, and attacked him with a pair of scissors, the pair said that the information was exaggerated. The government dropped all charges when Wildenstein and Klein said that still have feelings for each other. “It’s just the cycle of life. Bad things happen,” said the socialite. “Catwoman” impoverished after the attempted murder of boyfriend