Catherine Zeta-Jones said paparazzi intimate the

Кэтрин Зета-Джонс ответила папарацци интимным снимком The actress decided to show the most interesting shots. Seeing online that photographers … capture her in a black swimsuit on holiday with her husband, the woman chose to incite the public another portion of hot shots.

      British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones went on a vacation with husband Michael Douglas in Mexico. It was there that the couple celebrated 16 years of marriage. According to star of the film “Side effect”, she remembers the day when she became the wife of the actor.

      Curious the paparazzi photographed the spouses at the beach while they were taking a sun bath. According to fans of the actress, 47-year-old Catherine looks great. Several hours later, the woman found these pictures in one of the foreign media and decided to give them back. Zeta-Jones has posted a collage of two candid shots in his microblog. In the legend, she laughed at the reporters.

      “Pissed-off paparazzi took a picture of my buttocks, so I will post a photo of my butt, which made my husband. This is the best option for viewing,” said a striking brunette.

      Fans enthusiastically embraced the microblog update stars. “Very beautiful”, “Your husband takes pictures much better,” “Charming as always”, “No words, you never cease to amaze me,” wrote the followers in wishing the star couple a great thanksgiving that will soon come in the United States.

      Recall that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were born on the same day, but with a difference in 25 years. They raise two children, son Dylan and daughter Carys. For all time of family life, the pair has experienced a crisis and was on the verge of divorce. The reason was excessive jealousy Catherine. According to the actress, their marriage is still intact thanks to compromise.

      “Respect, space and a sense of humor. We spend an awful lot of time together, because we are careful to allow each other space for themselves. We recently expanded our home – built so-called wardrobe. But it’s a whole room to my clothes. The husband knocks on the door and asked to enter. There’s even a TV, my daughter comes there with friends and plays in a store, trying on all my stuff. I can be there the whole day and be happy”, – told the star in an interview.