Екатерина Вилкова снимается в продолжении «Кухни»
In Moscow started shooting the series “Hotel Eleon.

Екатерина Вилкова снимается в продолжении «Кухни»

Olga Kuzmina and Catherine Vilkova

Photo: Press service of STS

In Moscow started
the shooting of the series “Hotel Eleon” is a new project of STS, which
continues the story of the Comedy hit “Kitchen”.
Chef Viktor Barinov retired, and Eleanor A. met the man of
his dreams and went to Petersburg — this was the end of the final season of “Kitchen”.
But life in the hotel and restaurant continues: Michael Jakovich is still responsible
in order to “Eleona”, the chef of the restaurant Victor was appointed Senya, and her daughter
gets an unexpected promotion, which is not good for the coast. Everything goes on as
course until the hotel is headed by Paul — no-good nephew of the former mistress.
In order not to disappoint the aunt and to keep the business, he’s poaching from Brussels
supermenedzher Sofia Tolstaya. New management sets its own rules, and
the hotel now waiting for the serious changes that turned on the head is not
only the usual way of “Eleona,” but also personal agendas of the characters.

Diana Pozharskaya and Milos Bikovich

Photo: Press service of STS

In the cast Hotel
Eleon came in almost half the legendary heroes of “Kitchen”. Unfortunately, in the frame, most likely, will not appear Dmitriy Nagiev (perhaps, it will be removed
only a few episodes). But Senya (Sergey Lavygin), Nastya (Olga Kuzmina),
Kostya, Viktor Horinyak), Michael Djekovic (Gregory siyatvinda) continue
to work, this time not in the kitchen, and the hotel itself.

Good news: acting
composition of the Hotel Eleon” joined Ekaterina Vilkova and Milos Bikovich.
The producers of the series to the last to keep this information confidential.

We will remind, shooting
series “Kitchen”, which became the most expensive among Russian serials,
started in July 2012. The series has become popular since the first day of the show:
critics in unison called the project one hundred percent hit. Work on the last
the sixth season of “Kitchen” began in June of 2015.

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