Екатерина Вуличенко провела выходной день в полиции
Car actress spoiled by criminals.

Photo: Instagram

Actress Catherine velichenko suffered from actions of malefactors. This past weekend unknowns spoiled the car of the stars, which she had to cancel all my plans and appointments and spend half a day in police custody.

The incident happened in the heart of the city. Catherine arrived at a social event and parked the car in a paid city Parking lot. While Velichenko talked with friends and colleagues, someone poured paint on her car.

“In this photo, I still don’t know what some bastard has filled my car with paint, and the rest of the evening I will spend in the police station Taganskaya area — shared Catherine with fans in a personal blog. Now take this situation with humor, though the beginning was not funny at all. And while the police are looking for the attacker, I decided to give up and say to yourself : “All this stuff of life and let it be the greatest loss of my life!”

Fans of Catherine strongly supported the actress, simultaneously wishing attackers all the “good”.

“There are cameras everywhere, have to find who did it!” — hopes Velichenko.