Catherine velichenko rebukes her husband for what he later found it

Екатерина Вуличенко укоряет мужа за то, что тот поздно ее нашел
The actress is happy in his new marriage.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Catherine velichenko admits that has absolutely not peculiar for her feelings in a new marriage. “If I told someone that during the holidays on the Islands, I’ll Wake up in the morning, together with Marat to go for a run, then I would not have believed, — says the actress. — But it happened. And I felt like I was watching myself from the outside, so dramatic changes: here I am on the run now, in the gym, here we are outside the city on bicycles, here to ski, although I hated them at school. When you love a person, you share his passions. For example, in a previous marriage I was cooking at home, but he did it without pleasure, besides I was helped by a nanny. And now I know like Marat, he studied his favorites, and for me right choice is to go to the market and buy the most delicious fresh vegetables and meat, to return home and to cook something for his arrival”.

Such a dramatic change came over Catherine as she believes, largely because the actress has “matured”. “I learned to give in. And understand that whether we Marat younger, because of my explosive nature would have to leave. If the relationship is harmonious, the woman always adapts to her man — and Vice versa.”

And Velichenko noticed that since meeting with her future husband she started to change life priorities: “for Many years I lived in a crazy mode of continuous operation. Not only in order to earn money any other way just didn’t know how. And only now, thanks to Marat get a feel for what a real vacation. And I realized something important about his past. How to say this… I never blamed Dennis (financier Denis Trifonov, a former husband of the actress. — Approx. ed.) in our divorce and even initiated it. Now I understand that nekosama last marriage was to blame in the first place I still. Because all the time in the first place I had a job. I pursued my career more than her husband, paid little attention. And it led to the collapse. But with Marat I felt that choosing a completely wrong priorities. There is something more important than the roles that come and go. And everything fell into place.”

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