Catherine velichenko in Moscow learning to surf

Екатерина Вуличенко в Москве учится серфингу
The actress decided to prepare for marine recreation.

Catherine Velichenko

Catherine velichenko planning a vacation at the sea: she went to
future poezdke her usual seriousness and care. The actress decided, while still in
Moscow, to learn how to surf. To do this, she signed up for classes
learning to surf in one of the capital pools.

“I have today had the first training session in the surf! says
Catherine. And I never even fell, I swear! Seriously, it was very
cool! Very good functional exercise for all muscle groups, especially
for the abs and back. In General, someone did a good job tonight and so now
going to relax in the thermal zone, and, of course, massage with care for
body. I know it’s cruel to write about it all during the week, but it just so happened that
we have the weekend, not as all normal people… But in Saturday and Sunday
someone is going to work.”

By the way, not only Velichenko decided that Moscow and its
the neighborhood is the right place for surfing. For example, most
a fan of the sport Oksana Pushkin has long found a replacement for the ocean
coast. Anyway, for the summer period. Presenter’s surfing on
Istra reservoir in Moscow and calls it “suburban Hawaii”.