Екатерина Вуличенко впервые рассказала о своей истории любви
The actress believes that her future husband is not accidental.

Catherine Velichenko

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Catherine velichenko broke up with her husband, financier Denis Trifonov in the fall of 2014, after 9 years of marriage. After a divorce, as Catherine herself admits, she didn’t have anger at men, as is often the case. “The fact that Dennis has managed to maintain a good relationship, so I do not see our separation as a terrible event, after which you might lose your faith in love, in happiness, in relationships men and women — says the actress. — The event is, of course, not the most pleasant, but in our case a divorce is, I think, went all good. The first that we ought to leave to save for our child’s loving father and mother that will be easy to communicate, I spoke. But in principle, our divorce from Denis was consensual. Most of all I was worried about Sony for a long time we tried to hide from her what was going on. But then I found the strength to talk to her, and Sonya understood. Can’t say that it is not going through, but by common efforts we managed to maintain balance, the center of which is our daughter surrounded by love.”

Maybe because of this “non-standard” divorce Velichenko didn’t take much time to accept the courtship of a man that she met at a party with friends. Moreover, Marat, the future husband of the actress, later admitted that the first time I realized that Catherine is the woman of his life. Here is how tells about it to the acquaintance of the actress:

“Marat, in principle, not very fond of loud parties, but he had a feeling that that night there happens our meeting. As Marat then told me it before I came in, felt me coming. He says that he understood immediately that it was me, the woman of his life, but was afraid to look in my direction. I’m over it now to make a joke, I thought, perhaps, I might be terrible? And it’s not like watching a Russian movie. In that company, of course, explained to him who I am. But his interest in me was not related to the fact that I’m an actress. Besides, we didn’t talk. The only thing that bound us in that moment — I called some of his friends, including Marat, in his play “Fool” in the Theater actor. But as it turned out, got the dates wrong. Then it turned out that Marat for this show was canceled a very important business trip. Well, I managed through mutual friends to warn him of another date. During the performance I didn’t know whether he was able to come in until the intermission. Behind the scenes, catching himself at the concerned looks from his colleagues, and only when I walked into my dressing room, I realized what was the cause. There were huge, the size of a Desk, a luxurious basket of flowers, in which was a note from Marat. Remember that time I brought home a friend and her husband who is terribly cursed, because they could not make the basket to place in your jeep. When Marat started Dating and actually living together, he said that the flowers will be waiting for me after each performance a lifetime. It was almost two years, no difference, was he in the audience or not, in the dressing room always gave the same huge basket. Of course, it’s insanely romantic, but I persuaded him to stop.”

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