Екатерина Скулкина поставила очередной рекорд в борьбе с лишним весом
Star Comedy Woman” showed a slim figure and the musculature.

Ekaterina Skulkina

Photo: Facebook

Star Comedy Woman Ekaterina Skulkina continues
to improve your figure. Today, the actress has broken another record
stood in the strap (difficult stance to strengthen all muscle groups)
three and a half minutes! “Today I stood in the bar three and a half minutes —
shares Catherine. — Before that, aged just three, but today, performing
exercise decided to do a selfie. Selfie took 30 seconds – that turned
new record!”

We will remind, this spring the actress has changed so much that it
no longer recognize photos of even close friends. At this, Kate says,
that not resorted to plastic surgery and magic pills. Everything she
managed to achieve, was made possible only by strength of will, right
nutrition, sports massage and body wraps.

“Miracles do not happen, — said
Skulkin. All that was achieved, I achieved by their own labor”.

The last photo taken at social events, and
also during class in the gym or a morning jog, Skulkin
shows trim figure and admires her appearance fans. “You have
gorgeous feet!”, “Katya, you look just wonderful”, “Katyusha,
great result! What you have will power” — these compliments bestow
star fans.

Interestingly, in the days of Catherine admitted that her
training pays secret admirer. Under one of the photos she wrote:
“Sashaaa, I’m alive after last night. Special thanks to legs and
gluteal muscle. Confess, WHO is quietly started to pay me
personal training!!! I do not like”.

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