“Catherine. Rise”: as the audience greeted the continuation of the acclaimed series

«Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала This week, fans of historical paintings will get acquainted with the adventures of favorite characters. In the new series, the female lead of the great Empress Marina Aleksandrova will appear in a completely different way.

      «Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала

      On the eve on the channel “Russia 1” started the series “Catherine. The takeoff” – the sequel of the project “Ekaterina”. In the new series, historical movie, the main role of the Russian Empress was played by Marina Aleksandrova. In the first season it was about the young years Princess Fike. Now, however, she will stand in the way of the great Empress.

      According to Alexandrova, during the second season she had much more difficult. The actress said that I gained 10 pounds. However, costume designers and make-up artists insisted on other transformations in the appearance of a Marina. She came up with a special lining on jaw that the chin looked more strong-willed. Clothes also put special cushions, which did the form of the actress.

      During the preparation for the new season of the series Marina taught daily for a few pages of dialogues by heart. In an interview, Alexandrov told me that she was so inspired by the shooting in the project of the great to the Empress, choosing a name for my daughter, she settled on Catherine.

      In the story Catherine had a son Paul I, whose role was played by Pavel Tabakov. According to Alexandrova, despite the fact that between them there was no resemblance, during the joint work, she began to count the young actor his relative.

      Paul loved everything German, and to revere the Emperor Frederick, and reproaches the mother of all. Downbeat the ruler and heir ends with the dismissal of one of the Tutors – Poroshina, played by Anton Denisenko.

      «Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала

      Creating a second season, Director Dmitri Iosifov displayed the time period from 1766 to 1780-th year. Producer Alexander Akopov said that the show will not be detailed descriptions of some events, such as the Pugachev uprising. Of the passages which were not included in the second season, you can create a separate project.

      The shooting took place in the historical places: Peter and Paul fortress, the Mukhina Academy, Tsarskoye Selo and the Catherine Palace. According to people involved in the project, sometimes I had to do everything in one take, as was given a bit of time at each location. The characters themselves appeared in the frame without the wigs that have been criticized by people.

      “That era with its control methods is not very different from today’s. Well, except in the 18th century still cut off, and so the rules of the game are similar,” said Alexander Akopov.

      In the TV series “Ekaterina. Off” the main character must determine to whom of the men she wants to be. The ruler makes a difficult choice between Orlov and Potemkin. As noted by the spectators watching the first series, Catherine appears more weak and emotional than truly great.

      “Dmitri Joseph told me that this is a story about a woman grind the wheels of government. All Holy, all values, we are talking about, with each new turn she did something terrible. I hope we managed to make Catherine’s ambiguous what she really was. At the sound I turned around and asked: “Is this who I really can be such a bitch?” The Director revealed in me traits that I try from myself to hide,” admitted Alexandrov.
      «Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала

      Sergey Marin, who played the Count Orlov, was pleased with the work with the team of the series. “The script itself is interesting. Firstly, it is history. It suits, it has its own atmosphere, it is, in any case, interesting. As for my character, is such a gift for an actor because there is their development, is what to play,” said one of the main male roles.

      «Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала

      The Network is experiencing mixed reviews about the new series. “I like acting, the work of the operators, costumers and makeup – at the height, and each feature film, as well as in fiction is fiction. And who now can confidently say looked like Catherine, even if all the portraits, it is different, and I think that depicts different people”, “crazy Empress in the arms of young gentlemen forget about everything…” – the impression that the authors of this series focused on the song, recreating the image of Catherine,” “the Historical facts in the series not even spent the night, and the funny thing is that the similarity begins to disappear at the very moment when the frame appears Graf Orlov” – opinions of the viewers.

      «Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала
      «Екатерина. Взлет»: как зрители встретили продолжение нашумевшего сериала