Catherine Gordon is running for President

Екатерина Гордон баллотируется в президенты

After leading Ksenia Sobchak, for President has decided to nominate his candidacy, the owner of a legal Agency in family law, singer, film Director and former wife of Alexander Gordon, Catherine Gordon. About the nomination for President of the Russian Federation, it said on its official website and channel on YouTube.

Екатерина Гордон баллотируется в президенты

“I’ll probably be the only candidate not agreed with the presidential administration.” firmly the beginning of your ads lawyer.

“I am the mother of two children, a journalist with 10 years of experience. I established my own law firm and now in its fifth year engaged in the protection of the rights of women and children in our country. I know in practice how the judicial system works how the women pull the children, while men take responsibility.” said on its merits, Catherine Gordon.

In his announcement, Gordon raised the issue of mountability and stated that the case for this has. “In my position there is nothing mujeranalitica is a statistic — after the divorce the children remain with the women and those women’s rights are not protected. We are a country of single mothers, which on all to spit.” said the mother of two children.

“Once I took part in the opposition rallies tried to find common ground with Pro-Kremlin representatives, and realized that all feed from the same trough. In fact — getting ambitious and trying to earn money with us. I didn’t vote ever. Now, because of the experience and their beliefs, I want to exercise this right and be a voice for women whose rights are violated,” explains Gordon.

Екатерина Гордон баллотируется в президенты

The lawyer decided to mention that I made all by myself and never had “rich” parents. She worked on my name, as announced on instagram. Election video Gordon appeared in all mentions of the sites and social networks. “I am not a representative of glamor, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I’m from a simple family, with 13 years of work. I’m asking you to support my candidacy,” he asked his fans and followers Gordon.

Recall that his famous surname, which is a long time, Catherine received after 6-year marriage to journalist Alexander Gordon. After her divorce from Gordon, Catherine tried his luck with a lawyer Sergei Garinim. They’ve been on and off two times, which was not crowned with any success. Moreover, for the first time the husband has even beaten his beloved, but then Catherine was able to forgive him, to build happiness.

In 2008, with his rival, who is running for the Russian presidency, Ksenia Sobchak Catherine was seriously in a fight. In the broadcast “Moscow speaking”, the girls gave each other pleasant remarks and quips, and then Gordon left the station.