Catherine Gordon announced the main provisions of the program before the presidential election

Екатерина Гордон огласила основные положения программы перед президентскими выборами The presenter came to the talk-show “meeting Place”. The potential presidential candidate told about plans for the future of Russia. The Studio programme also came girlfriend Gordon: Anfisa Chekhova, Evelina Bledans, Olga Kazachenko.
Екатерина Гордон огласила основные положения программы перед президентскими выборами

In the Studio of the program “meeting Place” with Vadim Takmeneva had Kate Gordon. The lawyer announced his candidacy for the presidency, which caused caused a serious resonance among the public. The mother of two sons a priority of its policy chose the family and the relationship between a man and a woman after a divorce. Kate said that other sectors that are part of the state, knows and is willing to take decisions that affect the life of the country.

“Everything we do is in the name of children. We have in common is that we are the parents. This is a fundamental point in our program,” said Kate on a talk show.

According to the presenter, she supported the proposal of the President of the Russian Federation that the government needs fresh blood and new faces. Gordon said she is ready to repel the attacks of enemies.

“I have a staff, and I’m working the program daily, and I am interested in what is happening in the country. I am against revolution, I am a reformer, reform, only a cohesive team. We need new blood, Vladimir Vladimirovich spoke about it in 2012,” – said the woman.

To support my friend on talk show came Anfisa Chekhova and Evelina Bledans. The first friend said that if Kate was involved in the presidential race, she would be the first time in my life went to vote. Second, in General, agree with the policy of Gordon.

Екатерина Гордон огласила основные положения программы перед президентскими выборами

Anfisa and Evelyn denied participation in the elections. Chekhov said that was kidding when he published an online post about Naberevnye to participate in the presidential race. Bledans referred to employment. We presenter a growing child with down syndrome.

“I am absolutely not afraid of the deputies. I have steel wings, I had nothing to worry about,” shared Kate with guests and experts talk shows.

Also the transmission came in and the former wife of Vadim Kazachenko Olga. The woman said that Kate Gordon helped her to recognize the paternity of the famous singer and helps in all court hearings.

In the beginning of the program televeduschiy Vadim Takmenev said that will come and other potential presidential candidates, but except for Kathy Gordon, no one appeared. Opinions of participants of discussion the talk-show “meeting Place” was divided: some supported the TV presenter, who saw it all happening a circus and a farce.