Catherine Barnabas told about her pregnancy

Екатерина Варнава рассказала о своей беременности
The actress was invited to the festival celebrities in an interesting position.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: Press service

Recently in the show “OK!” was very cheerful air:
the guests visited actress, TV presenter, member of the Comedy show Comedy Woman and
Love is on TNT Yekaterina Varnava.

Live the star answered questions from users
Classmates, spoke about the difference between his two projects and shared
their attitude to personal complexes. So, the actress admitted that can easily
to create drama in your personal life, if it is profitable. “When you have to give a lady, even
in my personal life, I can give you. Fly Frisbees – this is the action turns even
and not a drama. When it is profitable to me, I can,” admitted the actress.

Catherine said that in the show Love is all actors
perform stunts without a stunt, including herself. According to Barnabas, her character
Lisa Kharchenko repeatedly dropped, hung on the ropes and even gave
the mercy of dogs…

Shared Catherine and how her resent the invasion
privacy. “One portal, called me and said, “Catherine, we will have
party for pregnant women, we know that you are pregnant, recalled the star. We
we invite you together with young mothers to celebrate any holiday.” And I’m in
this time on the road. And I say: “Sorry, some error happened, I
not pregnant”. After a few days, I had called the portal, and already
the other one says, “Catherine, we know that you have given birth, and I want you
to invite to the event, which is dedicated to young moms.” I said, “Yes
what is, you know I’m not pregnant, it’s some kind of mistake.” Is
a few more days, once again calls another person with the same portal says:
“Catherine, we know that you are pregnant”. And I say, “Look, what do you have for
source and what are you all doing? I who, in your opinion, cat, rabbit? I
get pregnant – give birth, get pregnant – give birth? At least you wait 9 months, have

More details about this broadcast you will be able to learn by watching
the video of the show.