Екатерина Варнава поведала о череде трагедий в своей семье The Joker has offered condolences to the parents of children killed in a fire in Kemerovo. The actress published a post on the Network, in which he told fans about their loss. Catherine explained that not in forces to imagine the scale of the grief that befell the family.

Catherine Barnabas two years ago said on the air one of the local talk show, lost an older brother. Then the actress didn’t hold back tears, remembering a relative. Tragedy in Kemerovo left no celebrity untouched. Catherine posted on Instagram a touching post, in which he said that he knows what it’s like to lose loved ones and loved ones.

“Over the last two years I lost my father, brother and aunt. This is my family, my beloved and native. This void in my life cannot be filled. This wound will never heal. Even despite all this, I can’t imagine the pain felt by the families of the dead children. Despite all this, I’m even afraid to think about what it would do to me… And there are no such words in our rich Russian language to describe how sorry I am, how much I’m sorry. Children, sorry.”

Catherine talked about the brothers who did a lot for her. For an artist the death of one of them was a serious blow: in 2016, the died elder brother of umoristi Igor.

Ekaterina Varnava for the first time reported a family tragedy

“Unfortunately, my older brother a few months ago, has died. And the theme of brothers for me now is painful… No, I was not offended. Big brother… big brother always protected me… Igor,” labor said Barnabas on a talk show.

Catherine was not to tell you in detail about how it happened. They only said, owe a lot to my family. “I have wonderful brothers, and I’m generally very lucky in life that I’m in this family grew up and what I was brought up, – said the artist. – Someone I can love, someone not like it, but I know that the people who surround me, do they see in me only the positive qualities in me were my parents and my brothers.”