Ekaterina Varnava was suspected of being pregnant 38-year-old star of the Comedy Woman show Ekaterina Varnava provoked pregnancy rumors.

Catherine Barnabas was suspected of being pregnant The actress posted on her social media page a video where she poses in baggy clothes.

It is worth noting that Barnabas has always been famous for her slender forms, so her appearance on the new video caused a lot of questions from subscribers. Some have suggested that the artist, who has gained a few pounds, may be pregnant. And the fact that she left the Totally Naked cabaret show also contributed to such conclusions. ” alt=”Catherine Barnabas was suspected of being pregnant” />

It is noteworthy that Catherine always wanted to become a mother. In an interview two years ago, Barnabas talked about an unsuccessful pregnancy. She had an early miscarriage. Who was the father, the actress did not specify, but it left a heavy imprint on her mental state.

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