Catherine Barnabas gave a passionate dance

Екатерина Варнава  устроила страстные танцы
The actress provoked the actors of the show “Improvisation”.

Hot dancing, kissing, Soviet cinema and even a fight… It’s not the whole list of what viewers will see in
the first release of the new season of the show “Improvisation” on Thursday on TNT.

On 10 August a visit to the Paul Will and his four “subjects
rabbits” will look gorgeous and stunning Catherine Barnabas. It
choose a pet that will demonstrate an excellent stretch to Arseny Popov,
pull hard “hair” Shastun Anton suddenly kiss Sergey Matvienko,
stumped Dmitry Pazova, will show the wonders of ingenuity in guessing
strange institutions and just lay viewers a powerful wave of branded laugh.
In short, this Thursday will never be the same. “It was a very
great. I believe that the genre of improvisation one of the most sophisticated in humor. I
prepared to shoot, I watched the broadcasts of the show, came up with all the actors
nicknames — says Barnabas. But it turned out that me surprises: for example,
two new games, which did not exist in the ether. I experienced incredible emotions,
of course, I really liked it. I hope that the audience too will like it.”

But most importantly, in the new issue of “Improvisation” Catherine Barnabas
will participate in two new games called “freeze-frame” and “Strange
the restaurant”. What will have to do the star guest, why she talks
a man’s voice and how the show appeared Olga Buzova know in the air TNT 10
August at 22.00.