Екатерина Варнава впервые рассказала о смерти старшего брата

New guest of the program “Alone with all” became Ekaterina Barnabas. The star, which we used to see mostly smiling, talked about his pain over the death of a loved one, which happened a few months ago.

As you know, in their programs leading Yulia Menshova touches on a variety of topics, in order to reveal the hero sitting in front of her.

In the case of Barnabas, this theme began talking about her family – the family, in particular brothers.

Catherine admitted that her brothers had helped her become the person she is now, because to her it is doubly difficult from the fact that one of them recently was: “unfortunately, my older brother a few months ago, has died. And the theme of brothers for me now is painful… No, I was not offended. Big brother… big brother always protected me… Igor,” labor said Barnabas due to the itching down.

After some time, Catherine added: “I Have great brothers, and I’m generally very lucky in life that I’m in this family grew up and that I was raised. Someone I can love, someone not like it, but I know that the people who surround me, do they see in me only the positive qualities in me were my parents and my brothers.”

What was the reason for the early death of her brother, Barnabas chose not to speak.