Catherine Barnabas discovered the secret to phenomenal weight loss

Екатерина Варнава раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения Comedian for several years amazes fans with slim figure. Although early in his career on television, many viewers remember her as the girl with a curvaceous figure and large Breasts. She decided to share the experience with followers.
Екатерина Варнава раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения

Katya Barnabas is heated debate among the fans, some believe that an actress prettier with years, while others accuse her of anorexia. Indeed, a few years of his career in television appearance of umoristi changed much.

Catherine lost a lot of weight and for a long time, maintains a slim figure. Fans often ask what products is the daily diet of the artist. As it turned out, Barnabas strongly limits in food, for example, often simply Kate not having dinner.

Екатерина Варнава раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения“As promised, a little post about food: what I eat, in what quantity. And in General – do I eat! So! Of course, I eat. And normal! 1,75 living growth have yet to feed! I’m not one hundred percent vegetarian, sometimes eat eggs and cheese. Meat, fish, poultry, seafood, do not eat. Here’s my diet on my auspicious day. Morning. A glass of warm water, then Breakfast: Cup, cottage cheese, walnuts, berries or honey. One spoon. A little bit of everything. Lunch. For example, yesterday was tofu on the grill, beans and a couple of vegetable salad: zucchini, peppers, cucumbers with olive oil. Dinner. That’s where the most interesting! By evening the body wants to eat. I have a dinner rarely happens because of employment, but if happen, then not later than 6-7 hours, and, as a rule, these vegetables either in a salad or on a few”, – said the Joker.
Екатерина Варнава раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения

The actress said that it is not necessary to adjust her diet to everyone. Also Katya is strongly recommended not to withdraw suddenly from the favorite foods.

Екатерина Варнава раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения“You can’t just start drastically rationing the food. I am in no way saying to do like me. Believe me, I did not come immediately. Very gradually, over several years! For example, I love bread, but weaned myself of this habit, the sweet is never loved. Here salt products – embarrassment. Love. And sharp. But fighting. I now offer. I think it’s important when building your diet. There are still moments, what is useful and what is not, but then you need to talk with a professional, dietician, for example. It will help you to build a proper diet without harm. I did this post to “satisfy” your interest around my supply. At least a little?” inquired Barnabas fans.

“Of course, thank you! One conclusion – to eat very little! And low calorie products!”, “I can’t imagine how you can not have a sweet tooth?!”, “Wow! I think this post many of you will be upset. Because now disclosed the secret of your incredible figure and this secret very heavy,”Now I understand why you’re such a stunner” said the fans.