Catherine Barnabas demonstrated, plastics

Екатерина Варнава продемонстрировала фото, сделанное до пластики
Recently a well-known TV presenter Ekaterina Barnabas decided on a bold step, laying out a photo of 12-year-old in his microblog.

Екатерина Варнава продемонстрировала фото, сделанное до пластики

In the picture Catherine showed herself to surgery for alteration of appearance. Members admired the courage of Barnabas and admitted that she likes them either, but there were also those who criticized the appearance of the star.

“I used to love. It was enough to just spout a little shorter, that’s all. But you went too far: even the native color of the eyes betrayed, not to mention the nose, lips, cheeks, forehead Brit and probably a lot of that it. And you is not going to be so skinny, skinnier than you Nadya has become, like skinny androgynous. You have a disease and it is called dysmorphobia,” wrote one of the followers in the picture.

But still it is worth noting that Catherine is a very popular person, whose life is following a huge number of users of the Network.

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