Catherine Barnabas commented on the closing of the show “Comedy Woman”

Екатерина Варнава прокомментировала закрытие шоу «Comedy Woman»
Star calmed fans.

Photo: Instagram

Fans of “Comedy Woman” sounded the alarm that their favorite show has been missing from the program guide last season, and the fall is not back. Instead, on Fridays on channel TNT began to show another project with the same members called “Love is”. But it’s a sketch show like the fans are much smaller, so they began to write in channel and private messages to the participants of “Comedy Woman” in social networks.

Catherine Barnabas could not withstand such passions, and spoke publicly about the situation.

“Who said that “Comedy Woman” was closed? Who said that there will be no more programs? Who said we are old and capable of nothing? The new season of “Comedy Woman” is coming soon! reassured Catherine fans. — Remember, we — bomber women and will tear the TV! Come for the shooting, don’t like it, return the money for the tickets! Lie. Not true. In short, waiting for all the beautiful, elegant, because we try, we lose weight, we’re ready!”

“Well, finally!” — relieved fans of the show.