Екатерина Варнава довела себя до анорексии Recent celebrity looks indecently thin and often hear in your address accusations of anorexia. And recently, Yekaterina Varnava, never considered full, told why she had to get rid of supposedly extra pounds.
Екатерина Варнава довела себя до анорексии

Those who watched the episodes of “Comedy Woman” from the beginning, still remember Catherine Barnabas with appetizing forms. Together with the popularity of Comedy shows Barnabas literally melted before our eyes: now she looks so skinny that many people and then attributed to her anorexia. At first, the actress silently listened to such arguments in his address, however, recently started to reassure the public, saying that her health is all right, and to blame the correct balanced diet, sports and busy schedule.

In a recent interview Barnabas told about their diet and called the reason why I decided to change my body for the better in her opinion.

Catherine Barnabas discovered the secret to phenomenal weight loss

“I at some point refused to accept who was. Look the part in the picture and his image in the TV, and itself is not much liked,” admitted Catherine.
Екатерина Варнава довела себя до анорексии

And it wasn’t just beauty. Due to unhealthy eating habits Barnabas often tortured and swelling of the hated pimples. Since then, the actress stopped eating meat. However, it cannot be called vegan: the diet celebrity there are the animal products — cheese, eggs, cottage cheese. Once a month, Catherine allows herself to deviate from the diet and eat pickled cucumbers or ice cream, and in considerable quantities. Barnabas would be glad to get rid of this cheat-Milov, however, it still the same answer: “Not enough willpower”.

Colleague Barnabas “Comedy Woman” Nadezhda Sysoeva, where you can’t complain about the extra pounds, it is with great pleasure keeping company with Catherine at the gym. “Although it would seem, where is she going to do? But because of the constant flights, reduced immunity, lost tone in the body and need to be in good physical shape. When no sports, I feel much worse. Nadya Sysoeva, by the way, downloaded the software on the phone, squats, push-UPS, looking into each other’s eyes. It’s so motivating,” said Barnabas in an interview with “Interlocutor”.