Catherine Arkharov found out about the betrayal of a close person

Екатерина Архарова узнала о предательстве близкого человека
The actress was caught stealing a girlfriend.

Catherine Arkharova

Photo: @Instagram arharovakatya Catherine ancharovoj

Catherine Arkharov shared a very ugly story that happened recently in her life. The actress was betrayed by the closest person. Not so long ago the artist is missing a valuable piece of clothing — a favorite hoodie. Catherine was sure the thing was she lost, but she recently saw her on his once close friend.

“You say — they say, “somewhere left”. I too convinced myself until I saw the photo on the page of the social network of a friend who “sits” at the hairdresser in this shirt. Or rather, now ex-girlfriend. You say “maybe she has the same”. With confidence I can say that the second is not.

Asking that makes it my thing, I came across rudeness, there was a phrase that jacket for her, and she without a hood. Indeed, under the robe it was not visible. Only she did not realize that the hairstylist is our friend, I called him to clarify this detail, and have heard that the hood of this jacket even prevented him from working. If I knew that she loves, I would! But alas! The moral is not that I lost my jacket, and that the man I called friend and whom he trusted, was a liar and a thief. What would you do in my place?” — asks Arkharov.

It is worth noting that Catherine in his life faced with much more serious betrayal of a loved one. We are talking about the scandal with Marat Basharov. Incidentally, he is left now to rehab their reputation. He recently said that all the words of Ancharovoj about the beating — not true. She, in response, threatened him with a lawsuit for libel.