Екатерина Архарова нашла новую любовь в лице польского актера Ex-wife Marat Basharova had an affair with Paul DeLong. Couple literally shines with happiness and tries to spend together as much time as possible. It seems that in the life of Catherine Ancharovoj it’s light bar.

      Екатерина Архарова нашла новую любовь в лице польского актера

      Catherine arkharova first time since her failed marriage to leading “the battle of psychics” has opened a new feeling. Elect Catherine became the Russian-Polish actor Paul DeLong. Now the pair spends time together at the festival ” Bridge of Arts. Interestingly, this event Arkharov and DeLong met a year ago.

      “Pasha almost immediately fell in love with Katya, – told the “StarHit” a friend of the actress Elena. But it is a long one, no. After the sad experience she stopped trusting men. This time not to not rush, and inhibited events. But in the end could not resist the pressure of the Pasha and surrendered after ten months of courtship”.
      Екатерина Архарова нашла новую любовь в лице польского актера

      According to friends, DeLong behaved like a gentleman. Led the actress to restaurants, gave flowers. Moreover, 41-year-old Catherine and 46-year-old Paul was often in one company. Last new year’s eve they met together, Kate and Paul were invited to the Banquet by a mutual friend.

      Paul DeLong was known for starring in the film-adaptation of the Polish novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz “quo Vadis” in 2001. Now on account of the actor more than 45 Polish, Belarusian and Russian paintings. Officially DeLong was not married, but long time was in a civil marriage with the Polish actress Katarzyna Gaidarski. He has a 23-year-old son Paul, who also tries his hand at acting.

      That Catherine Arkharov ready for a new relationship after a painful divorce, she talked for a long time. Like many women, she wanted to meet a man who will be her dependable in everything, but for a long time she was not able to meet the right person. Only now the actress has found happiness and became really quiet and peaceful.

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