Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov said his daughter’s birthday

Екатерина и Александр Стриженовы отметили день рождения дочери
Alexander noted 16-letie.

Today the youngest daughter of Alexander and Catherine Strizhenova — Alexander sixteenth notes
birthday. The celebration began at midnight: it was made for
birthday girl’s friends coming to her home with congratulations.

Екатерина и Александр Стриженовы отметили день рождения дочери

Alexander Strizhenova

“Fatigue, fatigue, lack of sense of occasion,
the desire to congratulate your beloved parents and to go to sleep at 00:00 — shares the events of the previous night
Sasha. The doorbell rings, friends, tears of happiness, I thank God for that
my life there are such people. I am grateful that she brought me with each of
you. This is the best start to the holiday! This in my life never happened!
To open the door of his house at 12 o’clock in the morning and see the most native people,
screaming congratulations, holding a huge poster, which gives me incredible emotions….
Friendship and Love are not just words. That which lives within us, warming
our hearts every day! I am once again convinced that in my life and
both! Guys, I love you! Each one of you! Thanks for the emotions
you are giving me! Well, happy birthday to me!”

Happy birthday girl

By the way, as the first gift he has received from friends
fluffy rabbit. Naturally, the whole day the birthday girl and gets congratulations from
loved ones.

“It’s a beautiful day — the day of St. Nicholas, —
shared by the mom of the birthday girl — Ekaterina Strizhenova. 16 years ago, my husband and I went together to
the hospital, and came to light Alexander! Daughter, we love you! And that’s the truth,
you should not doubt!”