Catch me if you can! Fan Lopez is making a date with her

Поймай, если сможешь! Фанат Лопес добивается свидания с ней

23-year-old len, Sanson staged a flash mob to get the possibility to enjoy a Cup of coffee with his idol.

Meet Jennifer Lopez the dream of many men! But not everyone is ready to abandon their appearance and… to become her boyfriend Casper!

But not len, Sanson. Because it is for one meeting with the star it did.

It all started with the fact that the census is the singer on his page in Facebook an article about a new menswear brand The Normal Brand. Lopez wrote: “I like them”. But the greatest delight of this came not the owners of the brand (though, probably, and they too!), as sales Director, 23-year-old len, Sanson.

First, he wrote a humorous comment: “of Course, I would have preferred that she wrote “Like it” or “Like len”, but that’s good, too”.

And after and came up with a cunning plan to lure the owner of the sexiest butt on a date with him… No, not the flowers sent. Have you shot a video!

Lan thought he had a chance (even if slight) at a date with J. Lo, so he went after it. We filmed it. This was…

The Normal Brand published 7 April 2016

On video Sanson Googles privacy Jennifer Lopez, find info about Casper Smart, trying to copy his way – makes a fashionable hairstyle, change the style and learns to dance. But in the middle of the movie len thinks: why in order to attract the attention of a person he likes, he needs to change himself? In the end, Sanson changing into normal clothes and goes hunting with his brother.

Roller diligent fan posted in the network and called on people to distribute it with tags @JenniferLopez and #DateWithLan.

J. Lo hasn’t replied yet… But the guy does not lose hope. And still believes that the star would accept an invitation for a Cup of coffee.

And you would place j-Lo would have accepted the invitation of the County Council?

  • Of course, Yes! The guy tried so hard… you Deserve!
  • If len was to my taste – of course
  • No, I have a favorite
  • I don’t think. Too young
  • Other (write in comments)

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